What is Holymolies

    Holymolies provides you with a single verse from the Bible each day. You'll be surprised how reading and meditating on one verse a day can encourage and inspire you in many ways. What makes this app so unique is its live feed that allows you to share your own thoughts or inspo with other believers. Take time to read the verse, think on it throughout the day, view all the other holymolies' comments, and then share your own take on the verse and what it means to you.

    Help us help others...

    Don't forget to read the inspirational story! Holymolies will be featuring one new ministry to support every few months. If you feel led, give and help further the kingdom for Christ!

    One verse every day!

    You can choose to leave a comment or simply click the "Amen" button. Feel free to click it as many times as you want! When leaving a comment, make sure to click on the small camera icon in the lower right hand corner. This gives you the opportunity to officially become a Holymoly and post a desired pic with your comment. Don't be too surprised when you notice a halo appear above your head.

    dann@holymolies.com for any questions ;)

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